The End of Pain: How Diet Can Fight Chronic Inflammatory Disease

Our diet and inflammatory disease are intimately connected. In The End of Pain, author Jacqueline Lagacé outlines how the “hypotoxic” diet, developed by French physician and medical researcher Dr. Jean Seignalet, helped combat her own inflammatory disease symptoms and ended the accompanying pain, just as it had for more than 2,000 of Dr. Seignalet’s patients.

Lagacé thoroughly interrogates the science behind the hypotoxic diet, showing not only that the diet works, but also how and why. Along the way, she holds out hope for sufferers of inflammatory disease, offering an effective, safe solution.

Jacqueline Lagacé, PhD, was a professor and researcher specializing in immunology and microbiology, and directed a research laboratory at the University of Montreal for 17 years.

Jean-Yves Dionne, Bsc. Pharm., is a lecturer and consultant in natural health products.

“Jacqueline Lagace has written an extraordinary book that shows us, without a doubt, the importance of nutrition and a healthy gut in reversing autoimmune and inflammatory illness. You will feel better by following this program, which is why I highly recommend this book!”

—Susan Blum, MD, author of The Immune System Recovery Plan and founder and director of Blum Center for Health in Rye Brook, NY

The End of Pain

304 pages,  ISBN 9781771640183
Available in ebook

3 réponses à “The End of Pain: How Diet Can Fight Chronic Inflammatory Disease

  1. Monique St. Martin

    I am known to have problems with both of my shoulders Working as a cashier, I ended up with tendinitis capsolitis in my right shoulder. I often have points of pain in both my shoulders and I end up with cortisone shots lessen the pain, but it always comes back.
    I am 68 years old and in good health considering muscle pain all over my body and I’m interested in following à diet which will improve my health as well since I’m forever tired because it’s drain ing my énergie.
    I don’t have arthritis, nor other complimentary diseases related to arthritis.
    would like some information please.

  2. Elisabeth Skelly

    Dear Mme Legace,
    At 68 with osteoarthritis I have followed your diet now for one month and noticed a big improvement in joint pain in legs and back. The base of my thumb (I am right-handed) and index finger are still swollen and sore at times. Is that because the joint is too worn to improve at my age?
    I have read your book and have spread the word.
    Thank you for your discovery.
    Elisabeth Skelly